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CJAM Is Reaching Higher Ground In Windsor-Detroit!!!

CJAM is a nonprofit campus-based community radio station. We provide music and information programming not offered by mainstream commercial media in the Windsor/Detroit area. We serve people and groups within the community who are under represented or maligned by mainstream media by allowing a forum to express their views. We cannot exist without your generous support and donations.

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From the Newsroom:

  • CJAM TOP 30!!! March 23 – 29 // 2015!

    Posted by Murad on March 31, 2015

    * – Indicates Canadian Content

    1 JOEL PLASKETT* – The Park Avenue Sobriety Test (Pheromone Recordings)
    2 OF MONTREAL – Aureate Gloom (Polyvinyl)
    3 SAMANTHA SAVAGE SMITH* – Fine Lines (Pipe & Hat)
    4 HUMANS* – Noontide (Hybridity Music)
    5 PURITY RING* – Another Eternity (Last Gang)
    6 SILENT MOVIE TYPE* – Crickets (Self-Released)
    7 THE HIGH DIALS* – In The A.M. Wilds (Self-Released)
    8 VIET CONG* – Viet Cong (Flemish Eye)
    9 ULTRA MAGNUS + DJ SLAM* – The Raw (Hand’Solo)
    11 CANCER BATS* – Searching For Zero (Metal Blade)
    12 MOTHER MOTHER* – Very Good Bad Thing (Universal)
    13 BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance (Matador)
    14 DIAMOND RUGS – Cosmetics (Thirty Tigers)
    15 JD MCPHERSON – Let the Good Times Roll (Rounder)
    16 JACK LADDER AND THE DREAMLANDERS – Playmates (Fat Possum)
    17 PEGASUS – The Flock (Ooze System Recordings)
    18 MAGNUM OPERA* – Ways Of The World (Self-Released)
    19 BLIMP ROCK* – Sophomore Slump (Label Fantastic)
    20 POW WOWS* – Broken Curses (Get Hip)
    21 DANKO JONES* – Fire Music (New Damage)
    22 COLLEEN BROWN* – Direction (Northern Gateway Kickline)
    23 MELANIE DURRANT* – Anticipation (Melo-ds)
    24 BUCK N’ NICE* – Us Versus Them (Busy Inc)
    25 SUN BELT* – Cabalcor (Self-Released)
    26 CURTIS NOWOSAD* – Dialectics (Cellar Live)
    27 CRAIC THE LENS* – The Cannon (Self-Released)
    28 HILOTRONS* – To Trip With Terpsichore (Self-Released)
    29 THE GOLDEN DOGS* – 3 1/2 (Self-Released)
    30 BIG DICK* – Disappointment (Dirt Cult)

    More Info? Click HERE!

  • Saying Goodbye to Lancers Sports

    Posted by Brady Holek on

    Tuesday March 31st will be the last episode of Lancer Sports. Join Ankur Kumar, Mike Specht and Mike Hugall for a memorable finale.

    After three years of service to CJAM, the gentlemen are headed for different opportunities, but not without saying goodbye! They’ll revisit clips from previous episodes, chat about the 2014-15 Windsor Lancers varsity season and they’ll be joined by some old friends to share the last hurrah!

    Tune in at 99.1 FM and www.cjam.ca for the good times ahead. They’ll take your calls and read your emails and tweets about anything you’ll have to say about the show or the Lancers. This is the crew that always brought OUA and CIS coverage to the airwaves, so you can bet they’ll have something else of epic proportions ahead!

    It all starts at 8:00 PM this Tuesday, March 31st on 99.1 FM and cjam.ca – Reaching Higher Ground in Windsor-Detroit!

  • Hilary Payne and More on the Windsor Chronicle March 27

    Posted by Brady Holek on March 25, 2015

    Hilary Payne Photo

    Tune into The Windsor Chronicle every Friday at noon for breaking local and international news coverage.

    This weeks program will feature a live chat with the owner of “Art in Deed”. This Windsor based business has been awarded with a very important grant that is going to help them build on their success.

    Our news correspondent from Kiev Julia Kazdobina will explore the consequences of dealing with the private army’s in Ukraine. In this “Live” report she will tackle some of the latest developments regarding the alarming numbers of militias with almost no government control.

    The Windsor Chronicle’s newest member of “The Ukrainian news desk”, Mrs. Zoya Krasovska, will visit the front lines in Donetsk and speak to us live. What has happened to the neighboring towns and how divided and bitter has the region become since fighting began almost exactly a year ago?

    Russian historian and dissident Mr. Pavel Stroilov will speak to us from his home in London England. Pavel smuggled nearly 50.000 KGB Soviet Union top secret documents while he was working at the Gorbachev Foundation archives. He fled to England seeking political asylum. He is the author of the book “Behind the desert Storm” in which he argues that the instability in the Middle East was caused by the Soviet Empire, not the British Empire

    Windsor Councilor Hilary Payne will be live to comment on recent issues regarding the efficiency of Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation.

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